I'm a mermaid, a good mammy - Precious, Fani-Kayode's ex-wife

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Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of former Minister of Aviation Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has described herself as a mamaid in reference to a local water goddess worshipped by some.

She spoke in a conversation with a friend who was filming her with her feet in a swimming pool as seen in a viral video.

The friend who wondered why she loved being inside water, had asked her: “You know you just love to be in the water.”

The mother of four responded jovially: “I’m supposed to be a mammy. I was told I’m mammy, actually.

“I was actually told I’m a mammy but you know how African people take this mammy thing. They take it too serious. It’s not that serious.”

The friend added: “You might just be one of the good ones.”

Chiwendu continued: “If I’m gonna be a mammy or if I’m supposed to be a mammy, I’m sure I’m a good mammy.

“So, choose one, good mammy….bad mammy.

“But some guys will say fishes are fishes.

“If you’re a fish you’re a fish. And they’re gonna fry you and eat you up.”

“Mammy water”, the water goddess, is traditionally believed to give wealth and children, compensate for hardships, and is sought in times of illness and need, especially by women.

Also known as “Mami Wata”, it is often described as a mermaid-like figure, with a woman’s upper body (often nude) and the hindquarters of a fish or serpent.

In other tales, Mami Wata is fully human in appearance (though never human).

Mammy Water, also called La Sirene, is a water spirit venerated in West, Central and Southern Africa, and in the African diaspora in the Americas.

Mami Wata spirits are usually female but are sometimes male.


Source: The Nation


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