Hotel receptionist to guest: 'In case you need a toy to play with, I am equal to the task'

Posted by Editor | 11 September 2021, 04:41pm | 451

A linguist, Maazi Ogbonnaya Okoro II, took to his Facebook wall to share how he was offered sex by a hotel receptionist, making his followers to warn him that such a facility is not safe for him.

Okoro stated that when he checked into the unnamed hotel, the front desk officer, a female, told him that she could also be “a toy to play with” if he needed one.

Taking to his Facebook page, Okoro says, “Just checked into this hotel, took my bath, stepped out to walk round the street before I would start work. The instruction is to drop the key. I presented the key to the receptionist.

“‘Can I talk to you?’ She asked. ‘Why not?’ I drew my ears closer.

“She looked up and down, uneasy like one about to steal meat from a pot. Nobody seemed to be coming.

“‘In case you need a toy to play with, I am equal to the task.’

Okoro further said that at that point, he heard angels whispering to him, “Focus, boy focus!”

Reacting to Okoro’s story, his followers advised him to leave the hotel, stating that the facility is not standard.

One of them, Ikenna Orakuwe, said, “Check out first thing in the morning. I bet you are not safe in that facility. For such to happen, that hospitality outfit has no standard.”

Another follower, Blessing Maduka-Sunday, said, “May she understand her worth; that she is not a toy. She is a woman worthy of dignity. Stolen water is sweet but afterwards, the mouth is filled with gravel! Focus biko! Ndi-ara (mad people) everywhere.”

“I like the word focus. Then I also like the ministering angels around and the knife of war hovering around. If only we are conscious of the fact that we are not alone,we wouldn’t be disappointing God. God bless you bro,” another social media follower, Esther Ukah, said.


Source: The Punch


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