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Caveat Emptor: Before they scapgoate the Igbo again

By Sunny Igboanugo on

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Don’t be surprised if they spin the narrative to indicate that those who pelted the convoy of my friend, Kayode Fayemi, Governor of Ekiti State with stones and other dangerous objects in the heat of the #EndSARS protest are Igbo. I can see you opening your mouth to say that is nonsense talk.

You would also say the same if you are told that the daring youths in the neighbouring Osun, who actually succeeded in sticking an axe in the car of Gboyega Oyetola, the governor of the state are Igbo. You would probably take the narrator as insane and the story as childish. I’m sure you will also dismiss the story about the jailbreak in Benin and the other violent actions thereof if you were told that the onslaughts were led by the Igbo to achieve their aim. You would describe it as pure bunkum for its sheer incredulity.

But, then, you would be among the reasonable ones around. You may also not be given to baying for blood or possessed by the evil spirit of scapegoatism. Of course, you will also not be an Igbo hater. Else, you will not only accept the narrative, however infantile, obtuse and asinine, but join in spreading it, using whatever platform available to you – telephone conversations, village meetings, underground channels, social media and even the traditional media.

That is exactly what they are doing now. Go to your social media platform and read what some people are saying. If you have not seen one, then you are not just in the right place at the moment or you have been busy doing other things. There is already a surfeit of it spreading around that the Igbo are at it again.   

When Chinua Achebe, in his treatise – The Trouble With Nigeria, wrote that the only project where all Nigerians would put their differences aside and agree to pursue in unison and then return to resume their bickering thereafter, is the Igbo project, many people would see him as promoting the conspiracy theory narrative. The Igbo are their own problems, they will say. But you see it manifesting everyday.

Yes! The story now is that the entire #EndSARS protest is an Igbo-engineered project. Or better still, the destruction going on in Lagos, are done by the Igbo, or have their imprimateur. Don’t laugh it off. They have their narrative. The people that invaded the Iga Idugaran, Lagos Island palace of the Oba of Lagos, spoke Igbo. Don’t even ask what an Igbo man would be doing with the staff of office of a Yoruba monarch. If you did, you would be reasonable. And here, being reasonable is not needed. What is, is sentiments and emotions. That’s what the purveyors want for the project ahead. And you know what that project is all about.

If you’re still in doubt, there is one of such that is being circulated right now. Read with me: “Sir, for those who cannot divorce politics from hatred and envy, I have questions for them. They would say "Tinubu is a thief. Tinubu owns Lagos. Tinubu is Fulani slave. Are Yoruba Land and Yoruba heritage Tinubu’s property?

I'm not sponsoring #ENDSARS protesters – Tinubu


“They are hiding under protest and hatred for Tinubu to execute coordinated attacks on Yoruba interests and Yoruba are hailing them. BRT Buses and stations, media houses (People’s Vioce and means of livelihood, County Hospital, Lekki Toll Gate, Oriental Hotel, NPA Headquarters, Ajeromi/Ifelodun LGA Headquarters, Akiolu’s Palace.

“They were heading for the railway workshop at Ebute-Meta before police repelled them. But Trade Fair is intact, Ladipo is intact, Mazamaza is intact, Jibowu and Iddo parks are intact, Alaba is intact.

“Yet Tinubu is their target! Where are Afenifere, OPC, YEF, AGBEKOYA? LAGOS indigenes? ẸNI TI TIẸ TI JONỌN KO KỌ KI TI ELOMIRAN DI EERU O!" The one who consented to using his father’s house as battle ground has lost the battle before the battle begins.” This is just a sample of the many now circulating. You know what it means. If you don’t get it yet, it is a battle cry to start targeting the Igbo properties in the already identified areas and perhaps their persons as well. If it extends more, it will also means reclaiming the land and their patrimony “stolen” not “bought” by the Igbo, a project that many have been hatching for years!

What’s more? They now have “evidence.” Nnamdi Kanu has claimed ownership of the mayhem through the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the selfsame Kanu, who escaped to London in 2017 after boasting that he would vanquish the entire Nigerian Army if they dared come to the South East during the Operation Python Dance. Of course the rest of the story is clear. Many of his footsoldiers collected bullets with their chests, not only in Umuahia but in many other parts of Igbo land – many are still collecting even now. You saw how the lucky ones were being asked to swim in mud water and gutters by the same army he was going to wipe out, when they eventually came calling. Yet, all powerful Kanu did it! The all-powerful IPOB who have not been able to do anything in the South East, apart from sending out press statements, now came to Lagos, marched to the palace of the Oba, the symbol of traditional institution in Lagos and took away his staff of office. No! Stop laughing. Some people are already using it.

Now, if you have lived in Lagos long enough, you’ll not be lost about its demographic structure – you’ll know who lives where and who is in control and where. Much as the Igbo populate virtually all parts of Lagos, as indeed Nigeria, there are areas they don’t have the strength or capacity to do anything. If you say that these violence happened in Ajegunle, Amuwo-Odofin, Festac, Alaba or Okokomaiko, your story might have a veneer of credibility.

But from where would an Igbo man derive the capacity to cause mayhem in Ikorodu, Isale-Eko, Mushin,Ketu, Ojota, Ebute-Meta, Egbeda, Iju-Ishaga or even Lekki of Ikeja? But then, you’ll be reasonable if you began to think this way – a fatal error, because thinking – good thinking – is not needed here. What is needed is emotions and sentiments.

Now, in the last fortnight or so, when the #EndSARS protest was on high steam, Nigerians clearly knew who the motivators were. The celebrities – musicians, actors and actresses, the activists, the social media gurus were all known. Amongst them, I couldn’t recall any that bore Igbo name, at least, none that was prominent enough to be celebrated. All the ones that basked in the sun and had the accolades, granted interviews here and there, grew the cloud base, which in turn would attract them some fortunes as well, were none Igbo. The Igbo contributors on the social media, at best, walked under their shadows.

Nnamdi Kanu tasks moderator of US Vice Presidential debate on alleged  violence in Nigeria


Yet, while they take the accolades for all its worth and probably smile to the bank, the backlash will now go to the Igbo. They’ll pick up the trash. Presently, Flavour nwa mama, the ukwu sala mbala exponent and Phyno, the fada fada singer, are licking their wound for trying to also play the same role. You may have heard how they got their fingers burnt by being told that they’re not Enugu enough and they should go back to their state, Anambra. Are you “sorrying” for them? But that’s the lot of the Igbo man. Always left with the trash can!

So, don’t be surprised when you see Alaba, ASPAMDA, Ladipo, Mazamaza, Jibowu and Iddo parks go up in flames tomorrow, because we know that there are many who are trying. And if God allows it, for He is the only one that could say otherwise now, don’t hold the hoodlums you’ll see in the streets liable. They’re mere instruments. The real culprits are already out there. They’re highly educated and discerning – gifted men and women – powerful in many ways – but who decide to use every good things God has given them to harm their neighbours for no other reason than evil.

They know that Igbo man had no hand in the Wild Wild West and Operation Wetie. They know that the Igbo did not lead the repeat in 1983 that claimed the heads of Chief Olaiya Fagbamigbe of Fagbemigbe publishers and Kunle Agunbiade, whose head, it was claimed, in some quarters was severed from the neck and served on a platter to some leaders. But mind you, if and anytime it’s convenient to introduce the Igbo element in it, that will surely come. They know that no Igbo man led the attack on Tinubu’s property or indeed any of the attacks in Lagos. But, for as long as a single property or business that has the imprint of an Igbo man is still standing in Lagos, some people will not rest until it comes down. And there is an opportunity to do that right now! Only God can prevent it. – The Tiny Voice!        





Posted on October, 22 2020

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