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Whirlwind is a news website primarily engaged in conveying news about Nigeria to Nigeria and the rest of the world.

It is Nigeria’s leading general news and information dissemination media organization based in Enugu, South East of Nigeria.  Our vision is to advocate for Equity and Justice for all citizens and help strengthen Nigeria’s Democracy, advance the socio-economic wellbeing and rights of the people, promote and enrich their cultural practices, and advocate for best practices, good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a modern democratic state that will enhance a better society.

WhirlwindNews, founded in August 2010 believes that the time has come for Nigeria to embrace the challenge of progress and development in a substantial, concrete sense. We bring a huge commitment to offer our country the type of media that will advocate for the people and nudge our nation on the path of development and social reengineering for peace existence and progress of the our nation.

News and information about Nigeria and global issues have been served to a large and growing online audience. We are also front runners in the revolutionary social media networking; hence you can follow us on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and twitter.