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NASS exotic bulletproof cars: It’s about Obi, not LP



On July 4, 2023, at this year’s edition of the yearly lecture series organised by Freedom Online, one of the frontline online newspapers published by Gabriel Akeneworo, Richard Akinadewo, lawyer, journalist and one of Nigeria’s earliest and foremost rights activists of the Gani Faweihinmi school, raised what had been in the public discourse at that time – the place of the lawmakers produced by the Labour Party (LP).

There had been heavy talks, mostly in the social media that the LP members at the National Assembly, had not displayed any characteristic different from the ordinary day Nigerian politician. If anything, they had been as acquiescing as the next man or woman sitting in either the Green or Red chambers, especially those from the much vilified All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

For supporters of the other parties, particularly the APC and by extension, President Bola Tinubu, it was an ample reason to believe that the Obient Movement, through which sentiment the lawmakers got to power, would be no different. That also stretched to a further argument that Peter Obi, the patron and purveyor of that movement, would also not be different from those he had vilified and painted in inelegant colours and accused of official bad behaviours.

Sampler – the issue of the “token” Godswill Akpabio, Senate President, had promised the members of the upper legislative chambers of the NASS, which he later changed to “prayers” but which Nigerians understood quite clearly to mean what it actually meant – free money for members – money not earned – money not covered in official seal – money not required for any useful purpose outside for the members to enjoy themselves, of course in the midst of the suffering masses they were supposed to be their constituents – came to the fore.


Hear the remonstrations! Where are the LP lawmakers? Where are the Obidients? Why have they suddenly gone quiet? Did they collect their token or prayers? Why didn’t they reject it? Why are they not speaking out? Are they no longer the moral compass of the nation? Are they not supposed to be as clean as Obi, their patron? These people are just pretenders. Just like their master.

Now, it is not known from which angle Akinola was coming during that event held at the Sheraton Hotel, Lagos. Was he part of the mocking, jeering crowd of the mostly APC and Tinubu supporters or was he just raising a genuine concern, as an ordinary citizen and compatriot, in consistency with public advocacy, an enterprise, which had informed his activities for decades now? That, again, was difficult to ascertain.

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But there was no doubt that he was right. So were those who had spoken on the issue before him. They were all right, regardless of their motivations. There was incontrovertible evidence that the Obidients and the LP members had presented themselves in like manner and had acted no differently from the usual Nigerian politicians.

But where the critics miss the point is to associate, tag or blame Obi for this reality. Even the former governor of Anambra State must be aware of this fact. He would be quite naïve not to recognise the fact that most of those who trumpet his name are like the biblical pretenders Jesus Christ, warned the world about, when he stated that it is not those who shout father, father in the street that represent His adherents, but those who do His will. Of course, a cursory check, would reveal that the LP candidate, does not paint the picture of a political imbecile.

If he does not know that he is almost alone in the battle for the pristine and untainted brand of politics and leadership he preaches and for which millions of Nigerians have become his converts and devotees, then he would naturally fit that character of a neophyte. It will also be the same and quite surprising an disheartening if he allows this realisation either skew his mission or sedate his enthusiasm towards attaining it.


Only recently, Julius Abure, National Chairman of the LP came out with a directive that the party’s 36 members in the House of Representatives should reject the exotic bulletproof cars worth N160million, in consistency with the philosophy of the party. What has, however followed, is a definite silence. Almost every Nigerian would be ready to wager a bet that nobody would listen to the party boss. Not even the most passionate Obidient, including those who claim to be ardent friends and his close allies.

Abure did not mince words when he gave the directive on Tuesday, October 17, when he clearly told the LP members to: “Kick against this unnecessary wastage of resources in line with the ideology of the party which is social justice and equal opportunity for all.” He presented a clear picture on which he relied on to make the declaration, reminding the members of their obligation, not only to propagate the ideals of good behavior, but be on the side of suffering Nigerians.

His statement, read: “A few days ago, the news filtered that 360 members of the House of Assembly are to be gifted with vehicles worth about N160 million each. The Labour Party is indeed shocked, saddened and disappointed at the level of insensitivity being displayed by the executive and the legislative arms of the President Bola Tinubu-led All Progressives Congress administration.

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“It is saddening that with deepening poverty among Nigerians the administration has decided to increase its appetite for a life of opulence to mock hardworking but underprivileged Nigerians. How else can any government justify the bloated Federal Executive Council of 48 cabinet ministers, with each of them given three luxurious four-wheel drive vehicles on the first day in office, paid for and fueled by taxpayers?

“This is notwithstanding hundreds of presidential and ministerial aides, as well as numerous aides to the aides who are being funded by the government. These vehicles will be costing Nigerians about N57.6 billion and this is happening at a time when the government claims it cannot afford to increase the minimum wage of N30,000 monthly to workers.


“A bag of 50 kg rice is today N50,000 and most families can’t afford two square meals a day, how insensitive can a Government become? This same government is still going round the world cap in hand seeking loan, what a shame! As things stand today, inflation is likely to hit 30 per cent by December 2023, yet all they are concerned about is the comfort of a privileged few who found themselves in public office.

“Why spend so much money on the import of and purchase of vehicles from other nations amidst the scarcity of needed foreign exchange for manufacturing? Why not empower local manufacturers such as Innoson Motor in Anambra and Peugeot Automobiles in Kaduna to save forex and boost our local economy?

“When our Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, said we in the Labour Party want to move the economy from consumption to production, this is what we mean – Nigeria first! We implore this government to in the interest of our dear nation retrace its step and give priority to revamping the economy instead of its current obsession with luxury living.

“We are also calling on the Labour Party legislators in the 10th Assembly to kick against this unnecessary wastage of resources in line with the ideology of the party which is social justice and equal opportunity for all. Nigerians will hold them responsible if they fail to live above board or give proper account of the electoral investment reposed in them. Nigerians are fed up with the status quo and they crave for a different leadership that must factor in the interest of the suffering masses. The poor must be allowed to breathe again in this country.”

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But even the party boss, must know that the best his admonition could get is to serve as a mere reminder to the lawmakers, should they claim to have forgotten on what vehicle they rode to their current destination. Beyond that would be to expect the ninth wonder of the world to happen in Nigeria.


Meanwhile, it is not impossible. A random check will prove that none of the LP members is a pauper in the real sense of the word. There is virtually none of them that would not have more than two cars already, which is enough to live a fairly appreciable life of luxury.

Yes, to a British Member of Parliament (MP) or US Senator or member of Congress, having two cars might actually be unnecessary surplusage. But not in Nigerian where, greed, avarice and show of obscene, vulgar wealth is the second skin of those in the public sphere, the picture is different.

If anything, for just that singular car largesse, which they actually do not need, the lawmakers would be prepared to become willing tools in making choices that could plunge the country into the deep ocean from where it will never rise again. For that singular gesture, virtually all of them, would give their index fingers as well. So, for the joke is on those who are mocking, they are actually the ones to be pitied for not reading the political character barometre well.

In fact, the next stage is for all of them to denounce Obi and his ways. The only thing holding them back is the ray of hope that somehow he could still emerge President, if the judiciary reverses the victory of Tinubu. If that does not happen, the bandwagon effect, could happen from the minute the court affirms his presidency.

Indeed, the only way the table could turn is if Obi actually becomes the President. That way, they would either be whipped into line with the official leadership he would toe as President, or bow to the new reality out of fear of losing out.


The fact that Obi seems not prepared to yoke the lawmakers with the same moral standards with which he has pursued public life, underscores the reason he has carried the LP burden on his own shoulder, including funding the party with his private resources, without any recourse to reliance from outside help. He knows those he is dealing with.

Yes! A New Nigeria many desire is POssible! But it does not lie in the LP NASS. It lies in Peter Obi. Anything else is wishful thinking!


Edo impeachment: Sad ending for ‘Emperor’ Obaseki



The Nigerian history book will certainly not forget Monday, April 8, 2024. On that day the nation’s democracy was dealt yet another hammer-blow. Just like the pains felt by Christians a fortnight ago, when the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was being replicated on Good Friday, the pains and shock of the nailing of democracy to the wall, is unimaginable to lovers of democracy in Nigeria and around the world, by that very disastrous outing.

From the outset, let us say that we at, have followed the twists and turns of this story, flinching and wincing at the sheer intolerance and impunity of Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo State.

We have been shocked beyond words at how much he could descend in his manifestation of sheer pettiness, narrow-mindedness, impulsiveness, if not outright childishness in his handling of his dispute with Philip Shaibu, his erstwhile deputy, whose only offence on record, was that he dared go against his wish by offering himself to be the next governor of the state, in the September 21 governorship election, a clearly legitimate ambition he has absolute right to.

Before the turn of events with the declaration of his ambition, the pair, had maintained themselves as chummy – happy good buddies in public. All that suddenly disappeared into thing air. Having so tracked the sequence of the events from beginning to this sad end, we do not hesitate to pronounce the governor the guilty party in this matter. What a sad story! What a sad day!

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It becomes sadder still when we consider that Obaseki, is one of the most educated and high-profile governors in Nigeria today in terms of content and exposure. To this extent, his conducts in terms of public behaviour, official and private activities and more importantly, democratic credentials ought to be topnotch consistent with his high attainment.

But what did we see in the case in question? Nothing different from his counterparts, who found themselves into office out of thuggery or other manners of political brigandage and malfeasance replete in Nigeria’s political space. He clearly has not lived up to his billing.

There is no telling the fact that the Dennis Osadebey House in Benin would be swarming at the moment with all manner of political hounds, cheerleaders, praise-singers and goons, including the members of the state House of Assembly, who executed the odious project.

There will be celebration, no doubt. The fatlings reserved for this special occasion would have since been slaughtered and used to prepare exquisite cuisines. There would be surplus of choice wines which would go with other delicacies, soft and loud music and other concomitant accessories accompanying the backslapping and merrymaking.

In the end, Obaseki would have won the ego war. Even friends of Shaibu, who had egged him on in the war every Nigerian outside the imbecilic realm knew from the outset he would lose, would have returned to pledge their loyalty to the governor and denigrate his former righthand man in every manner.


But that is where it would end. From henceforth the governor would have lost any claim to democratic identity. For the simple reason that he has soiled his name, so disastrously, whenever those who helped Nigeria’s democracy are called to mount the rostrum, Godwin Obaseki, would be missing on that list, unless prepared by equally decadent, insipid and or deficient individuals lacking democratic ethos.

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In the end, what did he gain? Perhaps, a well-oiled and massaged ego and nothing more! Shaibu, would certainly be the winner in the long run. Like others before him he has approached the courts to intervene in the matter and because as is wont in other cases, like the child sent by the father to steal, those who prosecuted the project, would naturally have been tempted to break the doors with their legs, by discountenancing due process, including valid court orders, in their bid to please the governor. In other words, the impeachment is most likely going to be set aside.

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State and his deputy, Philip Shaibu


Yes! He would not have served out his term, but if the benefit of hindsight is anything to go by, if the impeachment is quashed at the end of the day by the courts and all the benefits accruing to him therefrom, paid and in the eyes of the law, he is returned to his original position as if nothing happened, what then?

So, why embark on a project with such a fleeting, phantom and temporally gains? Why lose everything, just to enjoy such a short-lived bliss? Indeed, what Obaseki did is not peculiar to him. Instead, he would be joining the special class currently occupied by President Bola Tinubu, who as governor of Lagos State, had the record of supervising the impeachment of two deputies, Isah Yuguda of Bauchi, Sullivan Chime in Enugu, the late Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo, Seyi Makinde of Oyo, Rochas Okorocha of Imo, Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa, Bello Matawalle of Zamfara and Yahaya Bello of Kogi.

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Except Tinubu, who managed to wangle himself to the Presidency, where are the others today? Some of them have fizzled out, while others have at one time or the other become victims of the obsessive and excessive powers, they had used in dealing with their deputies.

Who knows? The day might come when the same Obaseki, might face the same monster that he unleashed against Shaibu. Hopefully, if and when that day comes, he would look back and remember what April 8, 2024, looked like in Edo, when he held the levers of power and used it to determine political life and death. Today, he has established himself as not only a dictator but the Emperor of Dennis Osadebey. What a sad ending of a blistering public image!

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Allen Onyema: Upping the ante of patriotism



The name of Allen Onyema, has been on the lips of many Nigerians for the past one week or so now. Not that he is a stranger to Nigerians or vice versa. In fact, he has been a household name since he broke into national consciousness with his Air Peace Airlines – an outfit that is as strange in its ways as its numerous deeds are pleasant to the souls of many a compatriot.

Outside the enemies of Nigeria, of which there are a surfeit that the nation is cursed to live with and endure, prancing about everywhere including the corridors of powers at every level, only very few would likely discountenance the positive impact of what he has done for Nigeria using this carrier.

When Nigerians were being killed in South Africa as a result of the xenophobia that broke out in the country, it was Onyema that elected on his own to deploy his aircrafts to lift them out of the country and bring them home. That was in 2019. A few months after, in 2020, during the outbreak of COVID-19, when foreign airlines shut their doors on Nigerians or charged cut-throat fares, he was the one the nation ran to once again to rescue citizens.

Between April and May, 2023, he was again on song, this time to airlift Nigerians from Sudan, after the country broke out into a fratricidal conflagration that caused non-citizens to flee the enclave. At great risk and cost, he again responded swiftly and diligently. In all these interventions, the common denominator, was that missions were carried out in the main, free of charge.


In other words, he bore the cost himself. And what cost? The money involved were not minor amounts that could be waved away lightly. They were industry-size costs capable of making serious dents on any firm, and could indeed bore holes into the pocket of both Air Peace himself as a businessman. Yet he endured.

Look at his latest foray on the Nigeria-London-Nigeria route, which commenced operations on Saturday, March 30, 2024. A typical Nigerian businessman could have keyed into it to make a kill. If Onyema were not some kind of uncommon, scarce and far-in-between patriot, he would have seized the moment like his contemporaries in exploiting the current systematic bastardisation of a country under the heavy pall of all manner of greedy Shylocks, practically squeezing the very life out of the citizens.

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What if he had just halved the prices of his tickets on that route? He would still have been been smiling to the banks with humongous profits, while seen at home as a hero with the same people he would be exploiting eulogising him. But did he travel that route?

Indeed, before he moved in, there had been a flood of tales of terrible and horrible experiences Nigerians went through outside the asphyxiating cost imposed on them as fares. One of the stories, narrated how in one of the neightbouring countries, where two Nigerians, had gone in the search of cheap tickets, after being fleeced by criminal immigration officials, were clamped into a jail on trumped-up charges and later jailed – a double jeopardy, having lost their London opportunities.

During his appearance on Monday, on The Morning Show, a breakfast programme on Arise Television, the airlines boss elaborated on the impetus of his intervention – how Nigerians travelled to as far as Morocco, Egypt, Qatar and other near and distant countries just to reduce the heavy financial weight as well as the hassles of running around for the reprieve.


Hear him: “Nigerians are happy. It is as if a kind of burden has been lifted off their shoulders. A situation where Nigerians were paying (through their nose) – my own staff, paid N15million on Business Class to the UK. Some people paid N17million. Then, because some people couldn’t pay, Nigerians were going to South Africa, fly six hours to South Africa, overfly Nigeria airspace to fly to London, for another nine or 10 hours, just to get a cheaper fare.

Onyema addressing his colleagues at the event

“Nigerians were going to Morocco, Egypt, Qatar, eight hours, lay over of about three hours, you do another eight hours to the UK, just to get something cheaper. Then, if you want to fly direct, it’s a different ball-game. The humongous fare was unbearable for them.

“But when we came, what we did was, assuming we slashed the N15million to N10million, people will still clap for us. But, no, we brought it to where it belonged. We brought it down to N4million. We’re not losing by doing N4million. That I can tell you. We brought it – Business Class to N4million, brought the Economy Class to N1.2million and at the same time giving students rebates.

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“Immediately, the same airlines that were giving dollar as an excuse, for the fleecing of my country, came down withing 24 hours. Air Peace distorted the market. All of them started coming down within 24 hours. They started begging people, doing social media rounds all over the place and brought their fares from N15-17million to N5million and even begging people.”


Now, he has taken his hitherto one man show patriotism a notch higher. He is now trying to co-opt others playing in his league to follow suit. On Thursday, he made the first pitch publicly by when he addressed members of the Corporate Nigeria under the aegis of Organised Private Sector (OPS). One of the guests, he was quoted by Ajuri Ngelale, President Bola Tinubu’s spokesman, as seizing the opportunity of a parley with the Nigerian leader to plead with his colleagues, to deliberately slash down the price of their commodities, goods and services.

Citing his own example when the President hosted members of the OPS to Iftar – the fast-breaking evening meal of Muslims in Ramadan at the time of adhan (call to prayer) of the Maghrib prayer – at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Onyema, pleaded with his colleagues to copy the example of Air Peace, in order to help the President, achieve his goals.

Hear him: “President Tinubu is thinking of the Nigeria of the future. The ease of doing business is coming back gradually. I can attest to that in the aviation sector because of the people you appointed to head that sector.  I can also attest to what our High Commission in the United Kingdom did in making Air Peace flights into Gatwick Airport a possibility.’’ is on all fours with this patriotic call. We cannot thank Onyema enough for the manner he has deployed his resources in the service of Nigerians. This call is just one of the demonstrable evidences of his loyalty to the nation and the people of Nigeria. What Onyema succeeded in saying at that forum, even without doing so directly is that these people could still live large without killing Nigerians through their exploitative ways.

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No doubt, the call is likely to fall on deaf ears in the main, because the audience he was addressing is made up of those who put the country in its current parlous state in the first place – the economic brigands who have adopted all manner of ways to pillage the nation’s commonwealth and fleece Nigeria to the bones.


Yes! Amongst them are the foreign exchange speculators, who have warehoused the forex they got from official sources in the evil gambit of selling them off to make huge profits rather than employing them to purchase machinery and raw materials to produce and grow the economy.

Seated in that audience were likely to be the bankers that never do any real sector business outside cheating the system and declaring outlandish profits or those responsible for the wanton and indiscriminate hike in prices of their products out of sheer pleasure of watching Nigerians suffer as would medieval sadist that see human suffering as sport.

Yes! There were thieves in that audience, for whom the words of Onyema, would be like pouring water on the back of a duck and who rather than be roused to pity and repentance like the people of Biblical Nineveh, were likely to be thumbing their nose at him, if not cursing under their breaths and angling for his head on platter as would Herod with John the Baptist.

Yet, he has spoken as a patriot. Perhaps, few might buy into his message, have a change of heart and do something in this direction. Nobody knows how much a little downward dip in the price noodles or biscuit could save the mother preparing his child for school from her nagging headache or how happy that man trying to erect a two-room structure in his village could be on hearing that he could now buy cement cheaper.

Even if unheeded, let Onyema’s pleas continue to be the tiny voice knocking at the conscience of those who hear them in that audience. One day, something must certainly give!



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Escape of Nadeem Anjarwalla: Shame of a shameless country!



Nigerians woke up on Monday to another shocking story – a damning narrative of how Nadeem Anjarwalla, Executive Manager of Binance for the African region, escaped from the guest house, where he was being detained in the care of the Office of National Security Adviser (ONSA), currently being manned by Nuhu Ribadu.

As usual, it is another regaling narrative in the series of pure, but bizarre episodes that have continued to shock the world even as they provide some sort of comic relief to them at the same time, with the consistency that could only be likened to movie scenes.

After all, is this not the country where monkeys cart away catches of currency notes and snakes swallow millions of public funds? While those in saner climes, one of them derisively describing Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt country, wonder what specie of homo sapiens inhabit our space, while sharing tea or quaffing beer in the club, we, especially our leaders have continued to supply them with more salacious ingredients to do so from our seemingly endless reservoir.

Unfortunately, we never seem to be in short supply of the most outlandish tales or quiver at their obvious nonsensicality and absurdity. It never occurs to us that we live in the comity of nations where our behaviours count and are counted against us. We simply carry on as if nothing matters.


The case of Nadeem Anjarwalla, presents no less in illogical and ridiculous to say the least. This was a man the Federal Government, had taken in for high economic crimes, such as money laundering and terrorism financing transactions – crimes, which outcomes have led to sorrow, tears and blood – through which hundreds of people have been sent to their early graves due to hunger, poverty and want and others from in the bushes as victims of kidnappings and mindless carnages.

PREMIUM TIMES, which broke the story on Monday, narrated how the 38-year-old Binance executive, made good his escape on Friday, 23 March, from the Abuja guest house where he and his colleague were detained after guards on duty led him to a nearby mosque for prayers “in the spirit of the ongoing Ramadan fast.” It was from there that he bolted out of the country aboard Middle East airliner, the report said.

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In confirmation, Zakari Mijinyawa, spokesman of the ONSA, who continued the story, in a statement, on Monday, added: “Until his escape, Nadeem Anjarwalla, who holds British and Kenyan nationalities and serves as Binance’s Africa regional manager, was being tried by Nigerian courts. The suspect escaped while under a 14-day remand order by a court in Nigeria, and was scheduled to appear before the court again on April 4, 2024.

“The Office of the National Security Adviser confirms that Nadeem Anjarwalla, a suspect in the ongoing criminal probe into the activities of Binance in Nigeria escaped from lawful custody on Friday, March 22, 2024. Upon receiving this report, this office took immediate steps, in conjunction with relevant security agencies, MDAs, as well as the international community, to apprehend the suspect.

“Security agencies are working with Interpol for an international arrest warrant on Nadeem Anjarwalla. Preliminary investigation shows that Anjarwalla fled Nigeria using a smuggled passport. The personnel responsible for the custody of the suspect have been arrested, and a thorough investigation is ongoing to unravel the circumstances that led to his escape from lawful detention.”


Any informed Nigerian and those watching from elsewhere would have known the implication of this watery, infantile, obtuse and asinine tale. It is an open and short case. The matter has ended! Cul-de-sac, simplicita! From now on, politics takes over. The next stage is the Government Magic the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti spoke about in one of his epics. Soon there would be an order from the Presidency for the immediate rearrest and a threat to deal with those involved in the incident.

Anjarwalla No Longer in Nigeria”: Binance Reacts to Executive's Escape from Custody -

This will be followed with trading of blames, then media interviews, where political stalwarts, will attempt to shift the blames away from the key players with direct roles in the saga, make excuses and cite other countries where criminals similarly escaped from custodies and finally blame opposition for trying to politicise the issue, when they should join hands in solving the problem. Curtain falls!

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Indeed, who would be surprised, knowing the country we are in, hearing tomorrow that a panel has been set up to “investigate” this shameful incident? Of course, the move in the main would be a ploy to ending the current public outcry rather than any worthwhile attempt to arrive at the truth? Who would be surprised if billions of Naira are approved and brand-new vehicles purchased for the members of that would-be panel, naturally made of up party officials and their cronies? Who would be surprised that the end of this saga would probably be a report submitted at another grand ceremony, which would end up on top of those already gathering dust on the shelve for years?

Else, who has been held responsible for that freakish tale of a snake swallowing millions of Naira? Or did it not happen in Nigeria? Has anyone heard anything about the Betta Edu saga again? Naturally, the hullaballoo against the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Services, that suffused the entire Nigerian firmament only a few weeks ago have disappeared in the winds. Are the key figures mentioned in that odious affair, including her ministerial colleague, whose company was used to salt away the funds meant for humanitarian purposes, not prancing about in the corridors of power yet?

One thing that is as sure as death is that Anjarwalla, did not just escape. He was probably led out of the country leisurely and effortlessly through a well-oiled protocol. No one should also discountenance the involvement of very powerful people in high places. Otherwise, the puerile account that there is no alternative to removal of petrol subsidy, and it was in the interest of Nigeria, rather than vested interests, should be accorded the same credibility.


What should be in issue is why? Was Anjarwalla led out of the country, because he induced his collaborators with money, which he must have had plenty of, given the level of his supposed crimes? Was it for religious reasons, given the part it plays in Nigeria? Or was it to ensure that what happened in Vegas remains in Vegas – in other words to buy his silence so that he does not name his collaborators in the high crimes when and if the matter finally ends in court? Find answers to these questions, solve the mystery behind this disgraceful saga.

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Come to think of it, is there any other country in the world where a shipload of stolen crude oil is arrested and rather than use it as evidence against the culprits involved, it is set ablaze to destroy the same evidence, as constantly happens in Nigeria?

Is there any other country in the world, outside those officially in war, where hundreds of students or citizens are corralled into the forest and millions demanded in ransom only for some of them who are lucky to be “rescued” just like that without consequences to the culprits, as happens in Nigeria constantly and consistently? Any other country with such infantile tales?

Is there any other country in the world where a government official would so brazenly raise a memo for N1.5billion or equivalent just to inaugurate a 37-man committee to fix the salaries of citizens and remains in the same position an hour after?

Where else in the world have four refineries built with the sweat and blood of citizens simply gone kaput and the same citizens are made to suffer the ugly fate of high oil prices as a consequence of importation, as in Nigeria for decades now? Where else in oil producing countries across the world has it been reported that proceeds from crude production end up in private pockets more than get into public till as Nigeria has suffered these past years?


Indeed, which other country across the globe has presented the kind and type of sordid stories the world has been regaled with from Nigeria? Will there be more? Just wait! If not in days, in weeks! Soon, the Anjarwalla tale will give way! Soon another more funnier, odder, and weirder episode will come. Just wait!


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