I’ve no hand in harassing Ndigbo in Lagos – Sanwo-Olu *Says election is not war



Anything that would reduce Lagos from being a city open to everybody, detracts from its Centre of Excellence status and therefore unacceptable, Babjide Sanwo-Olu, Governor of the state, said on Wednesday.

A guest of The Morning Show, a breakfast programme on Arise Television, Sanwo-Olu, who condemned the attack on certain residents in the state, particularly the Igbo for political reasons, said such acts had no place in the state under his watch.

“Lagos is a Centre of Excellence. Indeed we’re excellent. There are things that we need to do in order to be globally competitive, one of which is making sure that Lagos continues to create opportunities for everyone in the country. For us, a Lagos that is a Centre of Excellence, must continue to speak to that excellence in every sense of it.

“It must be a place where people come in, do business, do well and they can create wealth for themselves and their families. That is our primary driver. Any other thing that comes out will be a distraction for us. It is condemnable and I totally condemn it. It is unacceptable, it is not something that any forward-looking government will want to condone.

“The first thing is that we’re human beings and the next is that we’re Nigerians, which is a put-together that is not you or I that created it. The moment we can put that into inclusion, then next question is that if your wife is in hospital and at a point of being delivered, would she say she would need a Yoruba doctor or an Igbo doctor or you go to a hospital, would you say that you want a Yoruba bread or Igbo bread or you go to a butcher and say you need the meat cut by an Hausa man that you’re going to eat.

“For as long as those things don’t divide us, for as long as those are not the parameters with which we judge ourselves, these other lines that politics have brought, it is just supposed to be a little dot and we move away very quickly. You know, we  should not even ventilate it, we should not give it anything to hold a space in us. Those are the things which define the excellence we have and that is what we promote.

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