Uzodimma must go! Imo now worse than Somalia, Borno – Ugochinyere



Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) House of Representatives candidate for Ideato North South Federal Constituency in Imo State, has slammed Governor Hope Uzodinma for the state’s insecurity, claiming that insecurity in the state had worsened since he took office.

Against the backdrop of an attack where three people were killed while several properties were burnt in the home of the spokesman of the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), he told reporters on Thursday that the governor came into the state at the time it was the most peaceful in Nigeria, and turned it into a direct opposite under his All Progressives Congress (APC).

On his part, Uzodinma had blamed Ugochinyere, who he accused of working hands in gloves with the killers terrorising the state, saying last week’s mayhem, was a direct consequence of breaching an agreement with Unknown Gunmen (UGM), he had been working with to destabilise the state for his selfish aim.

But Ugochinyere, who lamented that Imo, under Uzodimma was now worse than the killing fields of Somalia, Borno, and Yobe states, urged the people of the state to vote the APC out of office in the upcoming elections in order to put an end to the killings.

He said: “I’m sad. I weep for my people. Imo State and her people have not known peace since Uzodinma became Governor. They have only been hearing stories of killings, arson, kidnapping, and invasion. What they never witnessed when the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was in power.

“You can imagine, after his aide threatened to harm me if I ever come to Imo state, days later, my House and cars were burnt down, and my beloved uncle and other people were brutally murdered. The Governor who’s supposed to be in charge of ensuring the protection of lives and properties of the citizens he governs is busy making baseless accusations.

“Imo State was ranked one of the most peaceful in the country, but all that changed after he became governor. The government has made Imo people see their ears with their eyes. Uzodinma unrepentantly seeks to frame and destroy his perceived political foes with it. This Governor is a big threat to society, and he is evidently unfit to continue in office. Under Uzodinma, the killing of the Imo people seems to have become the rule instead of the exception. And the government is not regretting the killings but only labouring to justify them.

“Therefore, as the elections draw closer, I urge my people to vote out the All Progressives Congress in the next election. A man should not be blinded by a stick that he sees clearly. A vote for APC is a clear premonition of more impending danger.”

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